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Actualizado: 19 jul 2023

“Always Dolores”. The word dolor in Spanish means pain, so I guess my name has a lot to do with it. Finally, these days after all this time I´m making my peace with it. With being called like this. With being reminded about pain even when I´m completely happy. All I know from my past, good and bad, all the scars I carry in my skin and in my heart, all that I carried to my present from back then, I´m letting go. I´m in the middle of a personal eclipse. I will always have this as invisible tattoos in my skin but still they are no more an anchor. You see, the magic is in the skin, and paper is like skin. You touch it and you leave a stain, if it gets wrinkled it gets a mark, if you break it, there is no turning back. My body, my skin, as my art works on paper, are a metaphor to all the things we endure in our lives, all the things that illustrate me with invisible tattoos. We carry this always, pain or bliss, love or hate, everything makes me who I am, who we all are. As a symbol of my skin, in some places naked as white paper with air feeding me time. Going under my skin, permeable, letting emotions go in and out. Other spots covered with ink or burnt with wax, as the elements, fire and water. With the ecodying moons as a symbol of my natural earth, I lean on every element to create my art, and I use time as the motor for my creations and passion as the fuel. Time, will erase the image, and leave the true essence of who I am. An image from my recent past, deteriorated by the passing of time, telling me there is a new image for who I am, who I´m becoming. On horse, looking back, I thought it was a symbol of freedom but maybe it´s more a symbol of the idea of freedom. It’s a path to it. Prints of my present as an interpretation of my past, present and future, mind, body and soul. I will arise in part as a new person in my future while I seek for what I want to become on my tomorrow. Luckily to my future I will arrive with no luggage, just my memories as tattoos in my skin, my passion and my good name. Always, Dolores

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